Convenience Center

The Suburban Convenience Center of the future will evolve into a technology-driven center for electricity, fuel, food, and much more, all powered by frictionless, personalized commerce. The centers will deliver a diverse set of products and services that cater to people-driven vehicles, autonomous vehicles, petrol-powered vehicles, and electric vehicles.

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Capabilities and
Personalized, Frictionless, Autonomous, and Powered by Technology

Interactive EV
Charging Stations

Charging stations feature wireless & plug-in charging stations. Interactive screens are utilized for a number of different needs, such as charging status and order-ahead services. Consumers can activate charging by tapping on their phone, on their infotainment system in their car, using biometric, or other methods.


Interactive Fuel Pumps

Interactive screens at the gas pump are utilized for a number of different needs, such as fueling status and order-ahead services for grab-and-go food services and products from the store. Consumers can activate the pump by tapping on their phone, on their infotainment system in their car, using biometric, or other methods.


Flexible Outdoor
Seating Area

Located outside the suburban convenience center is a comfortable and inviting seating area with an adjustable outer shell that easily transitions to accommodate all weather and seasons.


Traditional Drive Through

The drive through offers a level of human interaction between employee and consumer. Drivers pull up and are greeted by a friendly employee who hand delivers their order.


Autonomous Drive Through

The autonomous drive through features a dedicated lane with dedicated entry and exit, allowing self-driving vehicles to access the pickup window quickly and efficiently, away from vehicles operated by consumers. In this case, the drive through and the autonomous vehicle communicate direction to determine status and delivery time of an order.


On-site Playground

The playground is sectioned off from parking lot traffic with a stable wrap-around fence, and provides a safe place for children to play. This space also includes food ordering kiosks, where consumers can order-ahead for grab-and-go pickup in store.


Frictionless Checkout

Central to the store will be a frictionless shopping experience, where the checkout is as simple as grab-and-go. Consumers will automatically be charged for products using a pre-configured payment method as they exit the store.


Grab and Go
Food Services

Fresh, healthy food will remain a staple and orders based on preference are proactively suggested and placed, before the consumer enters the store. Picking up an order will be automated, personalized, and interactive.


Biometric Pharmacy

An automated pharmacy powered by facial recognition biometrics and robotics will safely and security fill prescriptions for consumers.


Frictionless Banking

Bill pay, ATM, check cashing, global money transfer, and other finance needs will be available from a secure touch screen kiosk and will all be pre-staged on the consumer’s mobile device, to make the entire experience as fast and convenient as possible.



Touch screens will securely identify adults for behind-the-counter purchases, which are locked away and only become available when biometric recognition identifies the consumer as being of the required age.


Automated Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning service will be a natural extension of an already-convenient store experience.


Intelligent Coffee Makers

An automated coffee maker will incorporate new flavors and routinely adjust menus to make available the most in demand combinations.


Digital Displays

Digital Displays will personalize offers based on consumers previous shopping behavior.


Interactive Indoor
Seating Areas

Indoor seating areas will be interactive, informative, and provide convenient services.

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